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What should I include in my Audit RFP?


  • Access to prior year financials
    Have you had an audit in the past?
          If yes, when was your last audit?
  • URL or phone/email auditors can contact
  • Short description of why you want/need the audit
    Do you have grants?
  • Expected timeline
    Board meetings
    Timeline for entire process if possible
    Deadline date
  • What kind of accounting software do you use?
  • Contact person
    Best way to contact
  • How should RFP be delivered?
    Sealed bids
    Fee letter separate? 
  • One paragraph summary of entity requesting the proposal
    Purpose or your organization
    Describe structure of your finance department (how many, full/part-time, roles)
    Include if you have contract bookkeepers
  • Do you have a specific budget amount? (optional)
  • Does the audit need to be conducted on-site or can much of the work be done remotely?

Audit RFP CenterMSCPA's Audit RFP Center is a free service to help you obtain bids on your RFPs. We will publish your RFP online to our membership and market it through our communication pieces and social media. Simply email your RFP to or call 800.272.0307 if you have questions. 

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