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Possibly The Most Valuable Tax/Admin Internship Ever at Clarity Tax and Accounting, PC


Organization Clarity Tax and Accounting, PC

Location: Billings

Salary: Around $18/hr


Like a lot of the big, shiny accounting firms in town, we have an opening for a tax/admin intern for Spring 2021. But unlike them, we’re not like them. We are biased, but we are pretty sure we are a more down-to-earth, non-corporate, and personable accounting firm. And we really believe that we are serving every one of our clients.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first:
• The pay isn’t great, which means you won’t get rich at this job. The pay is around $18/hour. It can be some extra spending money or help with college expenses, for sure. However, if you are seeking a job to support a household then this is no longer the ”most valuable” internship ever—it is now the “most worthless” internship ever.

Now, let’s talk about the good stuff:
1. Our office isn’t downtown, so you won’t have to worry about finding parking or moving your vehicle every two hours!
2. Most of the work is engaging and dynamic, but there is just enough zone out work to give your homework saturated brain a break. And you will be working directly with the highest level of management. Wait, I probably forgot to mention that there are only two people in our office.
3. We aren’t big on stress (or drama). So, while we will expect you to work efficiently and get things done, we focus on open communication and getting things done right the first go around.
4. The hours are quite flexible. We will work with your schedule to get a routine that works.
5. You will experience things, do things, and meet clients—things that no big, stuffy firm would ever allow you to do.

Finally, let’s mention the job requirements/preferences:
1. You need to be the type person who gets joy out of getting things done. Every day, you will knock out a list of stuff. Fun stuff (or not). Important stuff. Necessary stuff.
2. You will be on the computer a lot. So, an understanding of navigating the web and other computer-based stuff will be necessary.
3. You need to nail down the details. You don’t need to race through work and get things done poorly (we figured that one out ourselves). We need you to get them done right.
4. As a preference, it would be nice if you will have completed your individual tax class by end of Fall 2020. But if you haven’t, we can teach you just enough to be dangerous.

In short, your job is to help us in any way you can. Our office is casual, but we do expect professionalism, humility, and punctuality. But what we don’t expect is perfection or a ton of existing skills for you to qualify for this job. We can teach you that. We expect intelligence, energy, and a get it done attitude. When you have questions, you will find the answers or ask a team member.

In addition to being a detailed person, you must follow systems and processes. In fact, just to prove that you are detailed oriented and can follow procedures, when you apply for this position you must include your resume in the email and put “Make Internships Great Again” in the subject line of the email (send to Yep, that’s our little trick to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

One thing that will give you a BIG leg up (but is optional) is to send a quick video in with the email (yes, we will still be doing in-person interviews). In your video, tell us why you think you’re perfect for this job and why you will rock this position. This is purely for us to get a sense of your personality. And if you decide not to send a video (that’s ok), please tell us why you chose not to send in a video.

The big firms are hot on our heels with interviews, so please act quickly! We can’t wait to meet you!!!

Closing Date:

September 30, 2020

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