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2620 Connery Way

PO Box 16237

Missoula, MT 59808-6237






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The language of accounting is spoken in every business around the world, but Drew Rieker knows from experience that many business owners and operators are not fluent. Because of this, Drew finds satisfaction in translating a client’s accounting numbers into relevant information that is used to help make smarter decisions.

Drew and the JCCS team begin by listening to a client’s needs, challenges, goals, strengths and concerns. Through the process of listening, Drew is better able to help clients achieve personal, professional and business goals by developing custom strategies. One recent example of this process involved the audit of a growing nonprofit organization. Drew and team began by asking a lot of questions and doing even more listening. Armed with insight gained by listening they were able to identify and resolve the nonprofit’s accounting system design, restructure its payroll, strengthen internal controls and provide customized strategies to handle future growth of its nationwide chapters. Drew’s team was also able to provide clarity to the organization’s employee benefits package, which helped maximize the investment in its employees and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

As an independent auditor and CPA, the protection of the public’s interest is of foremost importance to Drew. He also uses the audit process to help businesses reduce risk, increase clarity and streamline business processes.

As much as possible, Drew spends his not-working time outside – preferably hiking, fishing, hunting and skiing. A native of Missoula, Montana, he also enjoys tinkering with cars and woodworking projects.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Auditing and Consulting
  • Internal Audit and Controls
  • Not-for-Profit Accntg and Auditing
  • Valuation

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