Instructor Bio

Kelly Paxton

Kelly Paxton, most famously known as the Pink Collar Crime lady, didn’t start out in law enforcement but that’s where she has spent most of her career. While working at a financial services firm, a client was arrested on wire fraud charges, which ended up leading her to a new, much more exciting career as a special agent for US Customs. She was able to work all types of cases including white collar fraud, money laundering and narcotics cases and investigating “bad guys.”

Kelly has worked in both the public and private sector. Her cases have included embezzlement, conflict of interest, intellectual property, Open Source Intelligence and fraud. Her most recent position was at Nike where she was recruited for her expertise in Open Source Intelligence and being a Certified Fraud Examiner. She also was a contract investigator for the Department of Homeland Security doing background investigations and has performed hundreds of top secret clearance background investigations for the federal government.

From 2007-2009 she was the fraud analyst at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Fraud and Identity Theft Enforcement team. From 2009-2014 she had her own firm, Financial CaseWorks LLC, which specialized in financial and workplace investigations. In 2014 she went to work at Nike in their Operational Resilience division and investigated high level conflict of interest, intellectual property, sexual harassment, embezzlement and theft cases.

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