Instructor Bio

Dawn Temple

Dawn Temple serves as the Agency Information Security Officer (ISO) for the MT Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and is responsible for the internal security operations for DOJ.

These duties include intrusion prevention and detection, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments on IT systems, incident response capabilities, along with digital forensic investigations and media exploitation.

Dawn is also the FBI CJIS ISO for the State of Montana. In this role, she conducts security audits on technical systems and networks, provides incident response resources and assists with digital forensic investigations, training on information (or cyber) security to local law enforcement agencies, and serves as a liaison between local law enforcement entities and state government.

She has a Bachelor’s in Information Technology, holds a federal security clearance in cyber, and is working on her Master’s Degree in Information Security. In her spare time she has honed her cyber stalking capabilities and actively uses them to cyber stalk her 3 sons across the Net.

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