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Tuesday, March 22 – Thursday, March 24, 2022

8:00am – 4:30pm
(Registration: 7:30am)


Best Western Great Northern Hotel

835 Great Northern Blvd

Helena, MT 59601


Field of Study

  • Accounting
  • Behavioral Ethics
  • Specialized Knowledge

CPE Credit

16 hours CPE credit

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Montana Society of CPAs





All materials will be electronic only
Flex Credits Do Not Apply to this Course

Tuesday, March 22 - 3:00pm - 5:30pm

  • Roundtable Discussions
    This is something new and we hope everyone can make it. We will decide the topics in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, March 23 - 8:00am - 7:00pm (includes social)

  • Opening Keynote: Montana Economics Update - Robert "Tino" Sonora
    Dr. Sonora will present national, state and local economic forecasts for Montana’s largest communities and industry experts will give their outlook for the state’s important sectors, including tourism, health care, real estate and housing, agriculture, manufacturing, high-tech and forest products. 
  • Dark Web - Tommy Stephens, K2 Enterprises Everyone knows the Internet is laden with risk. Surprising to many professionals, though, is how these risks change over time. Failing to recognize these changes can lead to unprotected systems and uneducated users – two factors that drive risk manifestation. In this session, you will learn about many Internet-based risks, including ransomware, and how the Dark Web contributes to these risks. More importantly, you will learn about common-sense solutions to each of these risks so you can minimize the chances that you or your organization becomes another victim.
  • Accounting and Tax Update - Angie Murdo & Steven Johnson, Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co PC
    An in depth discussion on employee expenses, credit cards, and accounting for these items in the new hybrid environment.
  • Excel's Best New Features - Tommy Stephens, K2 Enterprises 
    With recent Excel updates provided through Microsoft 365/Office 365 subscriptions and Office 2021, Microsoft continues to pack new features into the popular spreadsheet tool. Enhancements to data analysis tools, new functions, and improved collaboration opportunities are available in more recent Excel versions. For those who know about these new features and apply them, exciting opportunities for improved productivity await. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn how you can put Excel’s best new features to work right away!
  • Ethics & Technology - Tommy Stephens, K2 Enterprises
    With the explosion of technology in the workplace that has occurred over the past thirty years, a fair question to ask is “what are the ethical considerations and impacts related to this technology?” Practical technology issues such as data privacy and security no doubt carry ethical considerations, but technology also affects the ethics associated with issues such as work-life balance, the digital divide, training needs, copyrights, and fraud. In this course, you will learn about “technoethics” and the implications this has on individuals and organizations. To that end, you will explore many of the current and emerging issues associated with ethics and technology, such as copyrights, cybercrimes, privacy versus security, and geo-tracking technologies. Given the deep implications associated with ethics and technology, this could be the most important session in which you will ever participate.        

Thursday, March 24 - 8:00am - 4:20pm

  • Downhills Don't Come Free - Jerry Holl
    Key Questions:
     From this moment forward, what’s the story of the rest of your life? Will it be a story worth telling? How will you ever know your very best if you don’t stretch for growth and change?
    Executive Summary: Through 100% authentic and vivid storytelling, Jerry’s keynote address will simply inspire the audience to take mindful risks that will awaken their dormant or hidden talents and achieve extraordinary personal and team performance. 
    Key Learning Points: You can do so much more than you think - pick your stretch and attack it - it will awaken your hidden and dormant talents by default; Although I pedaled alone, it took a team (and their ‘service’) to get me there; Inspiration (vs. management) drives top performance. Find and inspire the best in each person around you - and everyone’s performance soars
    What: One man. One Bike. One Tent. One hell of an adventure!  As a then 57 year old novice cyclist - Jerry rode his bicycle solo and unsupported from Alaska to Mexico encountering everything strange and wondrous that North America could throw at him. 
    Why: Jerry’s quest was to strive for ‘explosive growth’ seeking a full and vibrant life. He wanted to see what he was made of. It was his form of ‘personal R&D’. As he pedaled into the unknown and vast fog of uncertainty, he didn’t know how he’d grow, he just knew he would. “I thought this journey would just give me some great beer drinking stories, but it turned into so much more. It turned into a whole new future of growth, change, renewal, and opportunities that I never remotely contemplated.”
    How: Jerry takes the audience through his authentic story - how he came to take this journey - his limited preparation - the roller-coaster of ups and downs both physical and mental - the impactful lessons learned - and the enormous opportunities and relationships that have come as a result. 
    Here’s a 90 second video trailer of the journey that may interest you for promotional purposes 
  • Present Your Data: Communicating the Story of Your Data, Not Just the Numbers- Nolan Haims 
    This session focuses on learning to identify and communicate the story and meaning of your data to your audiences rather than just putting numbers up on a screen. Best practices for data storytelling and visualization are discussed in the context of Microsoft Office, although the general principles apply to any charting software. Topics include: Applying graphic design principles to data visualizations; creating 1-Second Charts™ that communicate instantly, avoiding data pitfalls; and working efficiently in PowerPoint.
  • Vendor Management 2022 - How to Make Better Vendor Management Decisions - Jon Waldman 
    The fundamentals of compliance-based Vendor Management have been around since 2004’s FFIEC Outsourcing of Technology Services booklet was released. While VM has evolved a bit over the years, the process is essentially still the same. We gather documentation, review it, and try to decide whether we keep doing business with this company or not. Analysing vendor documentation is important, but the real question we need to ask is this: how do we understand if our vendors are really protecting your data?
    This presentation will cover the following areas/topics:
    • Regulatory Vendor Management Guidance over the years
    • Requirements for compliance-based Vendor Management today
    • Other ways to manage Vendor Risk
    • Other tools to review Vendor security
    • Supply Chain Management/4th Party Management

  • How Work is Done Now - Renee Martello, State Fund; John Cummings, Anderson ZurMuehlen & Co PC; Liesel Bring, ALPS 
    Join us for a panel discussion on the evolving landscape of how and where work is done, as well as the associated costs and risks.
    • Work models being used: Remote, Hybrid, In the office – what options allowed and why?
    • Productivity/Culture: How do you know work is getting done?  Maintaining company culture.
    • Flexibility: Balancing business need with what employees want.
    • Workspace/Technology: What equipment provided? What technology used? Employer vs employee responsibility.
  • ESG Reporting & The Changing Landscape for the Accounting Profession, Belle Marie
    Is profit reporting enough to tell an entity’s value creation story? Stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, are requesting additional environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting to better illustrate the value provided to society. As a result of the changing landscape, ESG reporting is becoming more relevant for all types of entities; including small businesses, large businesses, governmental entities, and not-for-profit organizations. ESG reporting creates both opportunities and challenges for the accounting profession. In this course, you will explore the evolution of ESG reporting, review popular ESG reporting frameworks and standards, and examine real world examples of ESG reporting. 

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