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Thursday, September 21 – Friday, September 22, 2017

8:00am – 4:00pm
(Registration: 7:30am)


Radisson Colonial Hotel

2301 Colonial Dr

Helena, MT 59601


CPE Credit

16 hours CPE credit

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Montana Society of CPAs


Day 1

Fraud in Big Sky Country - Michael Pickett
This presentation will provide an overview of the FBI Forensic Accountant Program including some of the qualifications needed to become an FBI Forensic Accountant. It will also discuss some of the fraudulent schemes that are investigated by the FBI.

The Real Moral Psychology Behind Cheating & Fraud - Dr. Brian Steverson, Gonzaga University
This presentation will cover recent work in the moral psychology behind cheating and fraud to show that the traditional view as to how one minimizes cheating and fraud in the workplace (use incentives and disincentives) is faulty. Making use of the findings of this research, we will discuss how to manage the workplace so as to be more effective in minimizing the occurrence of cheating and fraud.

Catch Her if You can  - Kelly Paxton, Pink Collar Crime
Women embezzlers, aka Pink Collar Criminals, are increasing at a much faster pace than males. Do you know a Pink Collar Criminal? Statistics show that approximately one out of two embezzlers are women. Are women embezzlers different than men? Women now make up approximately 47% of the workforce. Women steal differently than men. Why is that? Women only steal approximately .42 cents on the dollar. Women also steal for different reasons than men. Men steal for the 3 W’s but while women in the past have stolen for a relationship issue now they are stealing for lifestyle. Women are not more honest than men. With all the changes in today’s workforce you need to be aware of approximately half of the embezzler demographic out there. This is the information you need to investigate that demographic.

Day 2

Lessons Learned From A Historical Fraud: A documentary sneak peek of All the Queen’s Horses - Kelly Richmond Pope
In 2012, Rita Crundwell committed the largest municipal fraud in U.S. history when she embezzled $53 million from the small midwestern town of Dixon, IL. Learn how this fraud was committed and remained undetected for over 20 years by viewing scenes for the in-process documentary All the Queen’s Horses. This session will be facilitated by the film’s director, Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope. For more information about the documentary, see For a 2-minute preview, access the vimeo link:

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