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Monday, September 21 – Tuesday, September 22, 2020

8:00am – 4:00pm
(Registration: 7:30am)


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Field of Study

  • Accounting
  • Behavioral Ethics

CPE Credit

16 hours CPE credit

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Montana Society of CPAs


After much thought, MSCPA has decided to take all our CPE Classes till the end of December 2020 to virtual, this includes all conference. The risk of COVID-19 is just too high and we would not want any of you to get sick at one of our classes.

Materials for this conference will only be available in electronic form.

Day 1

Fraud Awareness & Statement Analysis
Bret Hood, 21st Century Learning & Consulting LLC
When fraud examiners and financial crime investigators conduct interviews, either in person or over the telephone, there are so many important things said by the interviewee that often go unnoticed by the interviewer. In this interactive block of instruction, participants will learn how people are surprisingly comfortable with deception, as well as how an interviewee’s choice of words can provide important clues as to whether the interviewee is being completely truthful. 

An Interviewer’s Guide to the Whistleblower
Bret Hood, 21st Century Learning & Consulting LLC
Go in-depth into the whistle-blower experience so you, as the investigator, are prepared to best interact with someone who has taken a major risk and suffered significant consequences. 

What is a Sociopath? A Forensic Accountant’s Case Study of One
Linda Saunders, Forensic Accounting Consultimg
Linda Saunders tell clients and organizations that often the perpetrator’s alleged theft may not be the first one that this person has committed, and likely will not be the last. Holding a thief accountable protects more than just one organization. Her case study will show that the thief "just couldn't help herself." The perpetrator had already spent over four years behind bars, and this non-profit organization thought she was "rehabilitated." She kited nearly a million dollars in “interest-free loans" because she had total control of the finances. She would have left the organization penniless if not for the investigation. The perpetrator again went to prison after Ms. Saunders’ investigation.

Insider & Outsider Threats 
John Teeling, FBI
John will showcase cases and trends involving financial crimes in Montana.

Day 2

The New Psychology of Fraud 
Toby Groves
This story-based audience favorite will disrupt everything you thought you knew about fraud, including which tools are effective for detection and deterrence. Attendees will learn why many of our assumptions are flawed, why some of the most trusted investigative practices actually lead us off-course and how auditors, investigators and others unwittingly assist fraud schemes. The session will address topics such as behavioral profiling, psychological assessments and other commonly used industry tools. Scientific research is combined with Toby’s first-hand accounts in this powerful talk that exposes myths and the dangers lurking in our assumptions related to this ever-growing threat..

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