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The Data Visualization Certificate will guide you through every major facet of one of the most important areas of your data practice - data visualization. Building from underlying technology, architecture, and analysis considerations, you will learn how to translate data into meaningful information, visualize the information, and communicate findings and lessons.

You will learn fundamental types of visualization techniques such as charts and graphs and explore a sampling of the most common reporting tools for producing meaningful visualizations. You will continue by developing an understanding of business intelligence (BI) - the overall architecture by which organizational data can be managed and understood. Additionally, you will examine the various components and technologies that make up effective BI and understand how they fit within the larger business.

Finally, you will be guided through fundamental design principles and communication concepts behind effective dashboards and reports and how to present findings from data to other business stakeholders. This certificate ensures that your data analysis skills are demonstrated effectively so the leaders of your organization understand your strategic value.


Communicating insights from data
Making decisions from data
Ways to visualize data
Design principles for visualizing data
Setting up business intelligence in organizations
Components of BI platforms
How underlying data architecture affects reporting and predictive analytics techniques


Formulate a data story with visualizations.
Identify key stakeholder perspectives.
Determine organizational data needs.
Differentiate between common BI frameworks.
Use visualization tools to share data stories across the organization.
Recall visualization best practices

Designed For

Accounting and finance professionals, especially those interested in learning and applying data analysis techniques to help their organizations make informed, data-driven business decisions

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