U.S. International Tax: Core Concepts

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This series of self-study online courses is part of the U.S. International Tax Certificate, a comprehensive learning program developed in partnership with Grant Thornton geared to help global finance and accounting professionals navigate the highly complex world of international taxation.

Valuable to anyone who needs to understand the complexities of international taxation, this U.S. International Tax: Core Concepts bundle offers you the opportunity to build a solid foundation in U.S. international taxation. This two-course series covers topics such as distinguishing the differences between various types of global tax systems and certain characteristics of each, entity classifications and different forms of operating a business in a foreign country.

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Tax Systems
Inbound/Outbound Taxation
Foreign Tax Credits
Entity Classification
Subpart F Income
Taxable presence in U.S.
Income Sourcing in U.S.
Withholding taxes in U.S.
Tax Treaties
Transfer pricing
Key Actions under OECD BEPS initiative


Distinguish the differences between various types of global tax systems and certain characteristics of each
Recall how the U.S. tax system works
Recall entity classification and hybrids
Recognize the different forms of operating a business in a foreign country
Recall the concept of a permanent establishment / taxable presence in the United States and globally
Recall U.S. income sourcing rules
Identify general U.S. withholding tax rules
Recognize the general function and benefits of most income tax treaties
Recall the basics of transfer pricing rules for controlled transactions in the U.S. and globally
Identify the key actions under the OECD Base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) initiative
Identify business transactions that generate outbound tax issues.
Recognize the approach for taxing U.S. persons with foreign activities.
Describe the key tax reform provisions affecting outbound transactions.
Recall the basics of the anti-deferral provisions applicable to controlled foreign corporations.
Recognize foreign currency issues affecting outbound transactions.
Recognize reporting requirements applicable to U.S. persons invested in foreign corporations, foreign disregarded entities, and/or foreign partnerships.
Recall effectively connected income (ECI) to a U.S. trade or business
Recall the rules for sourcing of income
Recall the rules for fixed or determinable, annual or periodic gains, profits, and income (FDAP)
Identify a framework for determining and calculating ECI and the Branch Profits Tax (BPT)
Indicate a general framework on the U.S. withholding taxes

Designed For

Public and corporate tax professionals interested in building a solid foundation in U.S. international taxation

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