2018 Industry Conference

March 21-22, Helena

This conference is packed full of great sessions to prepare you for the future.

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105th Annual Conference

June 21-22

Looking back, moving forward!

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IRS Scam Alert

IRS warns that tax preparer and refund scam is getting worse. A tax scam aimed at stealing consumer refunds has ballooned, with the IRS reporting that the number of potential victims has soared from a few hundred to "several thousand in just days."

IRS News

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Career Opportunities

Montana Connection

MontanaConnection helps job seekers and students search for a job or post a resume at Montana-based CPA firms and businesses.

Upcoming Courses

  • Great Falls Chapter of CPAs: Overview of Taxpayer Advocate Services

    Live – March 15th, 2018

    This course is 1 hour credit for Basic level candidates. Course will be held in Great Falls, with instructor(s) Karen Alvear.

  • Industry Conference

    Live – March 21st, 2018

    This course is 17 hours credit for Update level candidates. Course will be held in Helena, with instructor(s) Jim D Mourich, Suzanne Marie Severin, Tommy G Stephens, Jr, James T Lindell, Carrie S Jensen, Bill Sheridan, Mike Sangray, Steve Scranton, Dale Detrick, Angela Catherine Murdo, Sara Dawn Smith, Gabrielle Rector, Rick Eneas and Joshua Herbold.

  • Governmental Roundtable

    Live – May 9th, 2018

    This course is 5 hours credit for Update level candidates. Course will be held in Helena.